Sublingual Delivery Platform

We are a privately-owned clinical stage UK pharmaceutical research and development company with a successful track record of product development by repurposing existing drugs for sublingual delivery.

Easier Delivery. Higher Efficacy. Simply Better Medicine.

We have product development programs underway in various indications including cancer (solid tumors), erectile dysfunctions, pain, addiction, and nausea using our proprietary, patented drug delivery platform.

Our passion

Discovering ways to improve medicine is our passion that stems from a deep conviction about the importance of social responsibility and addressing unmet needs for better, safer, easier medicine.

The Challenge

The development of drug delivery routes remains an important element in the progress of the pharmaceutical sciences. The design of the delivery mechanism must overcome the challenges of transporting the medicament to the required site of action in the body whilst addressing issues including shelf stability, bioavailability, toxicity and patient compliance.

Oral drugs

The oral delivery route faces perhaps the most challenging route for a pharmaceutical to reach the final site of action, often resulting in poor bioavailability due to the first pass effect.

Our Solution

LondonPharma has been developing a proprietary sublingual spray delivery platform for medicaments soluble in oil. Our platform allows a faster onset of action, easier dosing for children or patients who have trouble swallowing, reduction in medication doses, and pain-free administration. Our know-how can open up exciting new therapeutic areas, give access to patients for better treatments, and grown market size.

Established 2007

LondonPharma was founded in 2007 with an initial mission to address a significant unmet need for an improved, effective, safe, and easy-to-use treatment for malaria in children.

Building on Success

LondonPharma has as strong track record of developing drugs based on a known chemical entity in combination with the company’s patented delivery platform. Cogent success of the anti-malarial formulation led LondonPharma to generate a robust development pipeline in various indications.

Patent Protection

LondonPharma’s intellectual property is protected by several patent families comprising over 110 patents worldwide, including US, EU, Canada, Australia and the UK.

History and 


Privately owned by an outstanding businessman and philanthropist, our company was founded with a vision to help the most vulnerable  patient populations in developing countries gain access life-saving treatments even when water and hospital care were not readily available. We continue to believe in developing treatments for those who need it most, and focus on both unmet need and improving drug delivery.

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Sublingual Delivery Platform

Absorbing drugs through the oral mucosa, sublingually, has numerous advantages over alternative routes such as orally or intravenously.

Expanded Use and Lower Dose

Medication can be used, which would normally have an adverse effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Lower doses can be used since the sublingual route bypasses absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism in the liver.


Faster Action

A faster onset of action results from medication entry directly into bloodstream through the mucosal membranes. This is particularly beneficial in the treatment of acute conditions such as pain, erectile dysfunction, nausea, or an allergic reaction.

Better For Patients

The medication is easy to administer and dosing is more accurate for patients who have difficulty swallowing oral medication: the young, the elderly, and those with a lack of capacity. Sublingual administration is pain-free and drinking water is not needed.

Our Platform

Has the Patient in Mind

Advantages of sublingual delivery result in many benefits for the patient: fewer side effects, enhanced efficacy, improved compliance, and the ability to self-medicate, at home. There may be particular advantages in treating elderly patients for whom dysphagia or difficulty swallowing occurs with greater frequency.


Looking for an opportunity?

Investors or partners

If the current use of an existing drug is restricted by its initial design and delivery, there is a great opportunity to repurpose that drug for new and enhanced use. An investment in LondonPharma represents a unique opportunity to support a high potential product development program, which could reap significant commercial rewards. We will be glad to speak with you about an investment or partnership opportunity.

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