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Repurposing Existing Drugs

We are a privately-owned clinical stage UK biopharmaceutical research and development company with a successful track record of product development by repurposing existing drugs for sublingual delivery. The company’s strategy is to take its product development programs through to proof-of-efficacy in man and then license those programmed to corporate partners or commercialize them.

Founded in 2007

LondonPharma was founded in 2007 with an initial mission to address a significant unmet need for an improved, effective, safe and easy-to-use treatment of severe malaria in children.  Privately owned by the Family Office of Mr. Frank Timis, the company has made significant strides in the endeavor to develop its novel, sublingual formulation of artemether delivered via a sublingual spray device.

Growing our portfolio

Successful development of the artemether sublingual spray has led to a partnership with an Australian pharmaceutical company, who are now well on the way to commercializing this treatment in African countries. Encouraged by the cogent success of the anti-malarial formulation, LondonPharma has generated a robust development pipeline and currently has programs underway in various indications including cancer (solid tumors), erectile dysfunction, pain, addiction and nausea using its repurposing expertise for sublingual delivery.


A message from our

Our Founder

Compassion for vulnerable patients


During the last thirty years my business interests have been in the responsible exploration and development of natural resources and minerals in emerging countries, especially in Western Africa. As one of the largest employers in West Africa, I have seen first-hand the high unmet need for malaria treatment for children and expectant mothers when clean water supply is not always available and oral artemisinin tablets are not easily taken by these patients, one of my social responsibility missions became discovering a better, more accessible, more effective treatments for those, who need it most.

As a result, LondonPharma was funded, has developed a successful drug delivery platform, and will continue to expand its applicable uses to further advance treatments for other areas with unmet need, such as cancer, pain, and neurological disorders. We aim to become the market leader for sublingually-administered repurposed drugs.


Mr. Frank Timis


During my work in Africa, I suffered from devastating effects of malaria as a patient, and it became a priority for me to address the need to save lives of children and pregnant women – some of the most vulnerable patient populations.

Our Platform

Has the Patient in Mind

Advantages of sublingual delivery result in many benefits for the patient: fewer side effects, enhanced efficacy, improved compliance, and the ability to self-medicate, at home. There may be particular advantages in treating elderly patients for whom dysphagia or difficulty swallowing occurs with greater frequency.


Looking for an opportunity?

Investors or partners

If the current use of an existing drug is restricted by its initial design and delivery, there is a great opportunity to repurpose that drug for new and enhanced use. An investment in LondonPharma represents a unique opportunity to support a high potential product development program, which could reap significant commercial rewards. We will be glad to speak with you about an investment or partnership opportunity.

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