LondonPharma has drug development programs under way in various indications including cancer (solid tumors), Lyme disease, erectile dysfunction, cancer pain and addiction using its repurposing expertise for sublingual delivery.

Artemisinin-Based Drug Candidates

Program/CandidatePreclinicalPhase IPhase IIPhase IIIApproval/Partnered
  • Malaria
  • Solid Tumors / LON002
  • Lyme disease

Repurposed/Existing Drugs

Program/CandidatePK StudiesBioequivalenceApproval/Partnered
  • PDE5 Inhibitor / Erectile Dysfunction / LONSCR-001-SILD
  • Opioid / Cancer Breakthrough Pain / LON001-01
  • Statin / High Cholesterol / LONSCR-001-STN
  • Opioid / Addiction / LON001-01

Development Status


Falciparum malaria: Phase III completed, partnered and awaiting marketing authorization.


Solid Tumors: Two Phase I/II studies are in progress.

Sublingual Artemether (LON002)

Sublingual atemether is LondonPharma’s most advanced candidate.


Oral administration (tablet or liquid form) of artemether is subject to breakdown in the gastrointestinal tract where up to 70% is rejected or excreted. LondonPharma has developed a novel sublingual formulation of artemether which improves the absorption across the oral mucosa and avoids the effect of the gastrointestinal enzymes and transport processes, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. After a single sublingual dose, absorption is shown to be rapid and the sublingual artemether 3.5-fold greater than an oral tablet.

LON002 in

Falciparum Malaria

Clinical trials have been successfully completed to support its registration for the treatment of children with falciparum malaria. The treatment was well-tolerated and parasite counts decreased rapidly, accompanied by a very marked improvement in patient clinical condition.

Study Results


The Phase III pivotal trial was carried out in malaria endemic areas of Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Ghana over a 22-month period from November 2010 to September 2012. The study satisfied its primary objective convincingly; to demonstrate superiority to intravenous quinine in reducing parasite counts by more than 90% within 24 hours. The reduction with intravenous quinine was 40.6%.


Reduction of parasite count with sublingual artemether (LON002)



Reduction of parasite count with intravenous quinine

LON002 in

Solid Tumors

LondonPharma’s lead development program, LON002, is repurposed, sublingual artemether, in Phase Ib/IIa clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. LondonPharma has completed a Phase Ib clinical trial in Africa in female cancer patients using self-administered, sublingual artemether, who have late stage, solid tumors.


Phase Ib (Rwanda)

This Phase Ib trial was based on the well documented non-clinical effect of artemisinins in anti-cancer models together with the clinically confirmed improvement in human pharmacokinetics and involves women with late stage breast or cervical cancer.


As a result of the excellent indications of efficacy resulting from this clinical trial, LondonPharma has extended the study to multicentre all-comers clinical trials in the UK. The study is being led by Kings College London at their experimental cancer medicine facility at the Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital campus.


Phase Ib/IIa (UK)

The Royal Surrey County Hospital in conjunction with the Surrey Clinical Research Centre of the University of Surrey will also participate in the study. The study will be expanded to other sites within the experimental cancer medicine network in the UK to ensure rapid patient enrolment.


The UK clinical trials are conducted at leading medical and research institutions, and initially involve up to 80 male and female patients with a broad range of tumor-based cancers. The trial is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of sublingual artemether as monotherapy and in combination with standard (relevant to tumor type) therapeutic treatment.


Data from this clinical trial will indicate whether LON002 will be positioned as chronic monotherapy and/or, as part of a combination treatment regime.

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Advantages of sublingual delivery result in many benefits for the patient: fewer side effects, enhanced efficacy, improved compliance, and the ability to self-medicate, at home. LondonPharma was founded with the vision to help the most vulnerable patient populations by providing them access to safe, efficacious, easy-to-use and affordable life-saving treatments.


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If the current use of an existing drug is restricted by its initial design and delivery, there is a great opportunity to repurpose that drug for new and enhanced use. An investment in LondonPharma represents a unique opportunity to support a high potential product development program, which could reap significant commercial rewards. We will be glad to speak with you about an investment or partnership opportunity.

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