Reformulating and 

Repurposing Existing Drugs

Developing better medicines

The main cause of development failure for a potential new drug is lack of safety. Lack of efficacy is the second cause. LondonPharma is mitigating these inherent risks through the use of existing drugs which already possess a known safety and efficacy profile and a strong clinical and patient need.

Repurposing existing drugs enables use in a new disease area or enhanced use (with increased speed of action, increased bioavailability and/or increased patient compliance) and offers product life cycle opportunities for both branded and generic drugs. 


Repurposed existing drugs can yield new patent estate, patent extensions to existing drugs or an increased market size.

Advantages of repurposing existing drugs


Expand the use of medication currently used in the primary care or hospital settings only, to use in other settings.


Expand the use into demographics not formally permitted such as the elderly and children.


Expand use by enabling use in new or different diseases and indications.


Exploit other therapeutic uses for the same drug on its known spectrum of activity.


Maximize the benefit to any particular markets and patients.


Commercial Strategy

The company’s strategy is to take its product development programs through to proof-of-efficacy in man and then license those programmed to corporate partners or commercialize them.


Existing Drugs

We have a robust portfolio of over one hundred patents covering the use of artemisinins, opioids, PDE5 inhibitors, and statins in sublingual formulations.





We discovered and patented our specific triglyceride carriers that work with a wide range of compounds with similar molecular structures. This allows to continue expansion of our drug development portfolio.




Reformulated and repurposed drugs developed by LondonPharma work in a range of commercially available, multi-shot devices. We have also developed a single-shot sublingual spray delivery device for which the patent is pending.

Our Platform

Has the Patient in Mind

Advantages of sublingual delivery result in many benefits for the patient: fewer side effects, enhanced efficacy, improved compliance, and the ability to self-medicate, at home. There may be particular advantages in treating elderly patients for whom dysphagia or difficulty swallowing occurs with greater frequency.


Looking for an opportunity?

Investors or partners

If the current use of an existing drug is restricted by its initial design and delivery, there is a great opportunity to repurpose that drug for new and enhanced use. An investment in LondonPharma represents a unique opportunity to support a high potential product development program, which could reap significant commercial rewards. We will be glad to speak with you about an investment or partnership opportunity.

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